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In her TEDTalk “How art gives shape to cultural change”, Studio Museum of Harlem Director and Chief Curator Thelma Golden expressed her passion for creating new narratives in art history. As curators, we have the opportunity to guide and give voice to cultures either under or misrepresented in society, while creating individual and communal legacy.

Young Art Collector is a journal highlighting the journeys of artists and collectors, and their role in supporting an inclusive and lucrative global art community. Focused on turning art enthusiasts into art collectors, we promote interaction between artists and collectors – highlighting the intimate connection they share with each other.

Through this work, we hope to both INSPIRE & ENRICH new art’s lovers, art’s critics & art’s artists.

Ramon Silva, Pyramid (RIRI)

Ramon Silva
Pyramid (RIRI)
Paint marker, acrylic and xerox transfer on canvas
72×54 in